Every Isle of Skye Chocolate is handmade with passion at Uig, at the north end of the Isle of Skye, where the ferry departs for, and arrives from, the Outer Hebrides.
We use double cream blended with up to 72% cocoa content chocolate. All chocolate truffles are filled with gorgeous chocolate ganaches, tintorretto and fondants. The ingredients include such as Scottish heather honey, fresh ground coffee, natural fruit pastes, Isle of Skye Sea Salt, Single Malt Whiskies, Scottish Craft Ales and intense caramel.
We then top with coffee beans, freeze dried berries, hazelnuts, red hot chilli flakes, toasted oatmeal, sea-salt, flaked chocolate or piping to complete the ultimate taste experience.

Dark, rich, deep or intense - our handmade chocolates are inspired by sublime chocolate coloured sunsets.

With a stunning mountain landscape dominated by the Black Cuillin ridge, and an ever changing seascape that reflects the magical quality of island life, we are never short of inspiration.



Our chocolate is selected for its high percentage of cocoa solids. To prepare it for use, it is taken through a  traditional process, called tempering. And herein lies the skill of the chocolatier - creating harmony at the 'temperamental'
heart of chocolate making.
Sumptuous ingredients like citrus, caramel, hazelnut and berry cream fillings are blended and piped into dark, milk and white chocolate centres, before being hand-finished in velvety aromatic chocolate.
No artificial colourings or flavourings are used in the making of our hand filled chocolates, guaranteeing sublime tasting chocolates from the Isle of Skye.
We also produce a range of dark, milk and white chocolate bars as well as decorated chocolate "slabs", buttons, pearls and "seasonal specials".


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Lagan Uaine, Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland, IV51 9XP